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Correspondent’s Message

"TNPL Public school – the “New Age Tree of Knowledge” is walking tall with a broad vision to spread the best of knowledge and wisdom among the 21st century young minds through innovative learning.

TNPL Public School, a benchmark for quality education, born with all the hopes and aspirations of the new era, is an exclusive child-centric educational institution. We give students all the inputs needed for effective learning and knowledge, and inspire them to perform their best to easily face various academic challenges across the globe with optimal conviction and collaborative skills.

At TNPL Public School, we comprehensively address all the requirements of a child; prepare him not only for economic independence and prosperity, but also to face life's challenges with best of confidence and joy of brilliance. In this era of global civilization, TNPL Public School fully acknowledges the importance of value-based education, particularly social responsibilities and cultural integrity.

The “New Age Learning Ecosystem” at our school is successfully developed around three vital elements of modern learning practices viz Technology, Pedagogy and Quality Curriculum. TNPL  Public School with this decision has created environment that will groom children to excel in their endeavours as self-disciplined, interdependent and socially responsible adults and walk tall in life.

Learning at TNPL  Public School is an enjoyable process where every child is constantly seeking, constantly evolving and constantly progressing."

TNPL Public School centers its philosophies and tradition through commitment in education and an intuition “child first”. This orients the school and the faculty in working towards a value based education rather than a pragmatic approach.Our dedicated faculty engages education through promotion of critical thinking, research oriented inquiry based and engaged learning, creatively approaching challenges and a supportive learning community.

TNPL Public School has evolved into a paramount of world class education in providing affordable, quality, value based education not through ages but in a very concise period of time, the school has earned recognition and accolades from parents, students and its community since 20__.

Teaching is the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards.. - Aristotle

Every era in the history of the world faces a change towards progress. "Change" that is the key note all over the globe today. "Change" that rejuvenates old ideas for the good of mankind. Though this "Change" for a New Age occurs in every era, it takes a mastermind and a revolutionary force to recognize it. TNPL Public School is that force, masterminding the inevitable "Change" that you will appreciate!

If he is indeed wise he does not bid you enter the house of wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind - Kahlil Gibran

Every child is important to his/her parents. For TNPL Public School, every child is the most potent seed of a powerful human being. Perceiving the approach of New Age of learning, the pioneers of this institution have taken it upon themselves to equip and empower the children of today, preparing them to meet the challenges of future by imparting in them a holistic learning rich in social, theoretical and practical knowledge in line with the growing demand of the future.

It gives us immense pleasure when we realize that we were able to transform the vision of  TNPLPS in to a reality and bring light to thousands of  life through the noble act of imparting education. In the process we have overcome several hurdles and setbacks. But with courage and conviction we continued our journey and pioneered the concept of modern education in Karur District. It is our earnest desire to constantly upgrade the quality of education at all levels and open new vistas in education.

We are marching ahead with a single minded dedication towards achieving our goal.

We feel proud when TNPLPS  makes progressive strides towards modernization, high technology and holistic development as top priorities. We wish the outstanding excellence will make TNPLPS shines as one of the best in city, state, country and globe as a whole.

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